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Illuminate My Heart (my darling) Records




PVD Emoviolence

Amitie (Ex-Tall Ships Set Sail) are an emoviolence band from Providence, RI.  Intense, cathartic, and chaotic.

FFO: Ampere, June Paik, The Saddest Landscape



Italian Screamo

Chivala are seriously one of the best bands to exist in screamo. The biggest sweethearts displaying the truest form of emotionally driven hardcore. 

FFO: Shizune, Raein, Minus Tree



Colombian Emoviolence

Empatia are severely important Colombian screamo. Recently, had a discography released by Miss The Stars.

FFO: Orchid, The Saddest Landscape, Furnace


Heavy Heavy Low Low

Mathcore from San Jose

HHLL are quintessential when it comes to aggressive, spazzy and nonsensical tunes. Starting off in 2004 and only lasting for 8 short years, HHLL has left a huge foot print in mathcore, hardcore, punk and screamo. A product of Ferret Music and Twelve Gauge Records.

FFO: Fear Before, Totally Unicorn, Intercourse  


Jesse The Tree

PVD HipHop

Illuminate My Heart (my darling) Records loves working on different types of musical projects. Jesse The Tree is someone very special, the most genuine person in the scene today. Constantly, Jesse is impressing the crap out of us. 



Toronto Emoviolence

Karloff are insanely energetic and chaotic to the eyes and ears.  From spazztic nonsensical riffs to a somber lullaby in the tune of a psuedo jazz feel. Product of No Funeral Records. 

FFO: Love Like Electrocution, Louise Cyphre, and MNWA


Maree Noire

Montreal Post Hardcore

Maree Noire are long time friends of ours. There is nothing like some good vegan food and extremely beautiful soundscapes. These fine folxs are our home away from home. Members of The Ultimate Screamo Band, and Diana Crawls. 

FFO: Le Pre Ou Je Suis Mort, Aussitot Mort, Amanda Woodward


Mirin Bide

Chilean Emoviolence

Mirin Bide are a group of qualified screamo entrepreneurs.  These folxs really drive home EMOVIOLENCE. In the vein of the early 2000s chaos. This is a band you do not want to miss.

FFO: Ampere, Joshua Fit For Battle, June Paik  



Blackend Screamo From Singapore

 Naedr includes members of the band Bethari! This new band is loud, aggressive and just down right impressive.



Chilean screamo/metalcore

Nepugia utilize sounds from all extreme genres. From duel guttural vocals to extreme hair metal guitar licks, this band tetters on the fine line of emoviolence and metalcore. 

FFO: Punch, Portrayl Of Guilt, Counterparts 


Piet Onthel

Emoviolence from Malaysia

A one person emoviolence band from Singapore. Mashi has an extensive catalog of releases that you should surely check out! 

FFO: Orchid, Saetia, Tunes For Bears



NYC Screamo

4 piece screamo band from NYC. Reminiscent of 90's screamo. A product of Larry Records.

FFO: Sinaloa, Osceola, L'antietam 



Italian Screamo

Shizune are a powerful post hardcore and screamo from Italy.  Most people think Raein or La Quiete but Shizune has really made their mark when it comes to modern and recent Italian screamo. So much love for this group.

FFO: Minus Tree, Raein, Shirokuma

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